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Totals label printer SED 2000

General description

Totals label printer SED 2000 is designed as an additional device to the PAW 2000.

Each label is printed automatically after reaching of the presetting of weight, price or piece for a box, a palette or a totals result. A photocell prevents pinting the next label before withdrawing the actual one.

Article and label management

  • Administration on the control unit of PAW 2000
  • Free number of PLUs and label types
  • Free number of text lines and characters per line
  • All common fonts (true type fonts) with any size
  • All common barcodes
  • All print objects may be rotated
  • Any date outputs and formats
  • Free label design

Operation and Production

  • Operated by the control unit of PAW 2000
  • Easy change of label roll
  • Same labels and label rolls useable as with PAW 2000
  • High printing speed (up to 300 mm/s)


  • Control unit on industrial PC basis
  • Non-rust materials
  • Strong construction elements provide for high availability
  • Easy to clean due to accessible construction
  • Easy to service due to exchangeable function parts
  • Function parts identical to those of the other types of PAW 2000 printers