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Bottom labeller UET 2000

Usage and Functionality

  • The UET 2000 is used for bottom labelling of packs. Either as an additional weight-labeller device to the PAW 2000 or as a labeller with its own control unit

Operation and Production

  • Centrally operated on the display panel of the PAW 2000 or as a labeller operated by its own control unit
  • Labelling by compressed air or altermatively by means of a vacuum belt
  • The printed label is being placed on the bottom of the pack by means of a vacuum belt
  • Easy to change the label roll due to the possibility of exposing the station
  • Optional with barcode check

Item and label management

  • Centrally managed over the control unit of the PAW 2000 (the UET 2000 is optionally available with its own control unit).
  • Label designing alternatively possible with a PC-application
  • Same possibilities of label designing as for the PAW 2000 labeller


  • Up to 180 labelling/minute depending on label length and quality
  • Print speed of up to 300 mm/s
  • Label sizes up to 110 mm wide and 180 mm length (oversized lengths on request)


  • Strong construction elements provide for high availability
  • Controlled by industrial PCs
  • Non-rust materials
  • Easy to clean due to accessible construction
  • Easy to service due to exchangeable function parts
  • Capacity, belt dimensions, direction of feed according to requirements
  • Also available as space-saving compact solution

Data storage / Interfaces

  • Network capable via Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Standard interfaces
  • Data storage through network connection possible
  • Open, documented data structure (e.g. for integration in a MIS)